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Magic Show Goals

Magic Show Goals

If you are reading this you may be thinking about hiring a Magician or some other type of Entertainment for your child's birthday party or your church event, festival, or other event with kids and fun. Yes, I have to make money to keep the lights on, and Yes I have to survive, but my first and primary goal is to gain a customer.

I have customers that call year after year for the same event and because of these regular customers I can make a living. My first goal is to gain a customer, not make money, it's that simple. All of my friends that I currently have are people that I have met either at Opryland Theme Park or met at a Magic Show. So, not only do I gain customers but I also gain friends in the process of making your kids happy!

If there is anything that I can do within my power to make your show/party more successful - Count on me doing it! I'm not the Magician who comes in and vanishes immediately after the show. I try to mingle (time permitting) and allow the kids time to ask questions, pet the rabbit, and laugh with your guests.

I started making a living off of the Magic Show in 1985, that's 32 years or more of service to my customers in Nashville! You simply can't make a living off of something for 32 years with bad customer service.....Thank You for reading my blog and I hope to add you to my "Satisfied Customer" list soon. Let's make some Magical Memories!

If you have questions call me (615) 423-2636 - no deposit, no pressure, no hassle! - just answers and probably a laugh or two!!

Nashville Magician Rodney Kelley 

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