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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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If You Hear Laughter Coming From Daytona....

September 22, 2009

Sunday was a day of flight, and very relaxing I might add!! No waiting in lines or delays or problems, just simple flying to get from point A to point B on Delta/Northwest....and our point B is Orlando yeah! then off we drove to Daytona Beach!!

As you can see the destination was very well worth it!!! A view from our hotel balcony is enough to make anyone say "WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER!!!" But better than the view I get to see and laugh with my family...!! Dad, Linda (step-mom) and I have really just been relaxing....sounds kinda crazy right? We have no plans, no schedule, no list of must do's, and no tourist brochures tempting us into any theme park, bar or museum...when we are wandering if we see something we like, we walk there, otherwise we just sit or keep wandering. How long will we be here in Daytona? Who Knows! and that really feels great!
Josh (extra cool step-brother) and his wife Danielle joined us for a couple of days and was really great to see them! Had been a very long time! and it was their idea to head on over to Bubba Gumps and do lunch ....had never even heard of the place but it sounded like something that might be worth getting out of the chair to see......Yes ,,,very much worth getting out of the chair! Lots of seafood dishes, but I had a burger.....

My step-mom is in very good spirits considering that she just had an operation on her leg and is really having trouble walking, wish I had some magical little word that I could say to make it all work smoothly again....But god love her for putting up with Dad and I finding anything and everything to laugh about and make fun of (with her sometimes being the brunt of our laughter). Yes, if it is alive or something near us, we will have something to say about it and you can bet it will be funny!

Am not really sure what tomorrow will hold for us and we have talked about going here or going there ,,,but we will only know that tomorrow....WE MAY NOT EVEN LEAVE OUR BALCONY CHAIRS!!!!

OK ,,am going to try to write some more tomorrow if I get out of my balcony chair! in the meantime if you hear laughter coming from Daytona, don't say we didn't warn you!

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