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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Halloween - is upon us!

October 14, 2012

Hard to believe that it's almost Halloween! I remember customers calling a booking shows and saying, "Yes, it's our Halloween event" and I would say, "That's still a long ways out" and I was wrong! Seems that it's already here and I still don't have a costume. Yes, I could dress like the typical Magician, I've got the cape and the top hat but really wanted to find a pirate or Harry Potter costume to wear this year but have not done so.

Being a Magician, Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. When Opryland Themepark was open I would do 4 or 5 Halloween shows and after the shows were done I always loved to go over and work in the Haunted House at Opryland, always such a treat! But now, I really get a kick out of seeing all the kids in their Halloween costumes, dressed up and ready to go Trick or Treating. I just went to my first Halloween Party yesterday .... What a treat! Adults and kids alike seemed to be thrilled with the magic just as much as I am! Can't believe that show almost went 90 minutes, but yet it did and all still watching. We took a couple of breaks to let the kids pet the birds and a break for everyone to re-fill their drink but other than that everyone was ready for Magic.

Mummy wrapping contest

After the show they had a really, really fun "Mummy Wrapping" contest that I had to get a photo of, lots of fun! After all mummies are wrapped, the official judge had to declare a winner, and she did ....

Had to stop packing the show to watch this event .... haven't seen this in ages. I think years ago I saw this at a Halloween event, but it really has been ages that this much fun was had with just a roll of toilet paper and some kids.

So not only do we have Halloween fun but October is also the month for Fall Festivals and I've done a couple already ... here is a shot from one and these two girls really wanted to take the birds home with them. I had to watch very closely so the birds didn't disappear!!

kids with doves at Magic Show

until next time. Enjoy October and have a great Halloween ...

from the Magician.

Magic Show Funnies - Nashville

Nashville, TN

Magic Show Rabbit Photo

The Magic Show went so very well with a group of about 20 four and five year olds.... It was pretty much a standard show everything had went smooth. This particular Saturday I had three shows scheduled and quite a bit of driving in between shows. It was noon and I'm packing the equiptment into the car to travel to the next show and the lady of the house comes out to say goodbye.

At the moment that she walked out the door I had lifted the rabbit box and was prepared to put it in the car, but my customer started talking. I was already burning up from the 100 degree weather and carrying the equiptment from the house to the car and loading. My customer started talking about how they weren't sure that the kids would sit still for that length of time and pay attention etc but the kids did sit still, and she was very pleased that they enjoyed and paid attention for so long...and I was holding the rabbit box (with the rabbit in it) and I'm sweating so bad......I'm burning by this time and too polite to turn away and put the rabbit box down.

My customer ends and I sit the rabbit box in the car and hug her. The car is loaded so I start to get into the car, the moment I move I realize - while I was listening to my customer, the rabbit had peed all down the side of my pants! and I don't mean a polite pee, my rabbit let it loose and I smelled of such! Yes, I've still got a couple of hours of driving and two more Magic Shows to go and you can imagine how I smelled ..... Yes, I'm laughing now but wasn't that day.

Magic Shows, Rain and Miracle Whip!

"We are Miracle Whip and we will not Tone it Down!"
Am such a Miracle Whip fan that I had to show this!! It's almost the only thing I put on salad anymore, and burgers are not the same without a shovel full of Miracle Whip and could probably go on with a hundred other uses for this marvelous dessert, but if there is any left I always have an extra large spoon handy!!!!!!
It's been raining here in Nashville for now about (feels like a month) 3 or 4 days (correct me if I'm wrong) but the ground is sloshed and the roads still have standing water on them and my beagles are enjoying the inside time by relaxing. The shows today that I had were outside and really was not sure how the kids were going to know, kids have a lot of energy and with the rain sometimes the running time is cut and the playing time turns to null! but today they were all SMILES! not sure what was going on but despite the dreary, dismal surroundings and sky, everything today went great!! This may sound a bit cliche but everything turns out great when you have that positive attitude and today they all had a smile also! Maybe it was the fact that school in some areas got out at noon, and maybe they were just high on life, like we all should be!
but for whatever reason things went great.....
The positive attitude reflected on me and made me feel better all day, despite the day and my allergies causing other problems. Very quickly I forgot about the sniffling and sneezing and got on with the happiness at hand and something at my second event today really perked me up into feeling really great. During a balloon event, I was standing making a multitude of balloons (and boy was I making a lot of balloons at this event!) and chatting with the kids as they came up in line. Each child was wearing their Halloween costume so that gave me something to chit chat about and right in the middle of the evening, a man asked me,
"How long you been doing this?"
and I made a joke and answered, "I think I started about 5:30".
After the laughter had died down, he explained that he wanted to know how many years
that I had been doing the balloon making.
To that question I answered, "I started learning to make balloons in 1986 or so".
His answer to me "You really like what you are doing don't you !!".
when I answered "YES"
his response really hit me hard in the face when he said,
"I can tell you really enjoy doing this balloon work, not a lot of people I know actually enjoy their job".
I quickly said, "I'm not a rich man, but I do enjoy my job"
His answer, "Money has nothing to do with it, when you wake up and can do what you were meant to do, life really is good, don't think about the money,
From that moment on I realized that he really was hitting the arrow right into the target! and the SMILES that were on the faces of the kids today suddenly had hit me, and I felt like a million bucks! Even on that dreary day.....just a word of truth that I had not swallowed in quite some time made my day !!!!!
Oh I know that as a general rule everyone theoretically was supposed to enjoy their job, but I REALLY  DO ENJOY MY JOB and was thrilled to be reminded! I don't know what the moral of the story is, but I can tell you one thing, we have rain, rain and more rain scheduled for the next 3 or 4 days and I can promise you that it's not going to get me down!!!!!
I'm just going to enjoy life!!!

Halloween Night !!! Frozen Finger Syndrome

November 1, 2009 - Nashville, TN

My first show on Halloween was a birthday party and really a lot of fun!! The family was soooooooooooo very nice that I wish I could have stayed longer and made more balloons and just had a great time with them!!! but I had another event and they had the regular Halloween activities to attend so everyone was off to their respective paths.

My path led me to an outside event where I would be making balloons and doing a Magic show for a Halloween event where the public was invited......I was very much looking forward to it as the prospect of seeing everyone in their costumes and chatting about each costume etc.....the night started out really great! The kids didn't seem to mind waiting a short time to get their balloons and the crowd was not so large that I couldn't take care of each customer and make some of the larger balloon items that some of the kids wanted.....of course some of them wanted the simple things, like the sword and the dog but that is ok too, as long as everyone is happy!!
As the night went on I had to stop and do a show, the night had gotten so cold that some of the kids and parents were wanting to leave because of the temperature. For the very first time I started to make balloons after the show and the temperature had went down so quickly that my fingers were frozen. I only had a small number of kids waiting for the balloons after the show but, with frozen fingers I couldn't tie a balloon !!!!!
I had to go into a diner that was sitting right next to our location to warm my fingers enough to make the final balloons needed to make the night end happy. Want to send out a special Thank you to a very nice man who brought me a warm cup of coffee to try and help the situation. He could not have been any nicer ,,,,,
This will be the first time that this has happened to me....frozen fingers that can't even tie a balloon closed, let alone tie it into a shape.....
When I finally got into the car at night's end the temperature gauge was showing 42 degrees which really explained why my fingers were in the shape they were in !!! Had a great night other than that and will keep you posted on the next event!


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