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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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What's Up with the Carpet?

September 5, 2009

This is just me, but I think the carpet weighed 5 pounds and the dog hair and dirt weighed 40 pounds!!!!
That's the way it felt taking out the carpet in my dining room!!! Cutting, slicing, pulling and un-nailing all the tac holding the carpet down in my dining room for about 30 years !! and the carpet in the living room has been there just as long and it is coming up also, just need the time and the place to put it till it goes to the dump.

Heard lots of talk from friends when talking about the carpet situation and some friends said not to take it up because I am not used to hardwood floors. Other friends said it was the best thing I could do,,,,,bring back the hardwood floors that were 50 years old. It really took me about 6 months of thinking and pondering before ever making a decision to remove it, but part of me is just ready for a change and the other part of me laid on the carpet to play with the dogs and that is when I actually saw how dirty they really were! Can I tell you this is going to be exactly the perfect move for me? NO....but it will definitely be a change and I needed it! My arms haven't dropped off and my head hasn't exploded yet, so for now I'm fine.
Have you ever just moved the furniture around in a different location to make the room look new and fresh? Well that wasn't enough for me and I didn't see a pill on TV that would cure my ailment, so now the carpet is coming up......
The hardwood underneath is going to need some work but doesn't everything ???
Is there anything worth having that doesn't need some work?


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