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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Rolling card carrier needed!!!

September 20, 2009 - Nashville, TN

Have you been to Kroger lately?
Have you been to Winn Dixie lately?
Have you been to CVS lately?
If you haven't you need to catch up to the latest.....
All of the above mentioned vendors (and plenty more) have a card that you sign up for and carry with you so you can get a reduced price on everything they sell. If you don't have their card, or if you don't carry their card then you have to pay a price that is inflated above what everyone else with the card is paying. In other words, you have to be a "Member" of their club to get reduced rates. Oh it's free to be a "Member" but by filling out the information and giving them your email, address, age and phone number they can keep track of everything that you buy in a year. They know your eating habits, your buying habits and they can keep track of every "Sale" item that you purchase. Yet another "Big Brother" to look over your shoulder and keep track of what you are doing at every minute of the day? and if you buy your medications, gas, beauty products, cleaning products and photo products, they know half of what is in your house! at least half!

This doesn't necessarily bother me to no end, but it is kind of evasive to a point, and very intelligent on their end to know absolutely everything about you and your purchasing. Let's say that your neighbor came to your house for a visit and brought his clipboard, and after a proper greeting, he started taking inventory of everything in your house. Your neighbor could start taking inventory and you would politely kick him out, and consider this rude and evasive, but yet thousands of people find it perfectly fine to give Kroger and other stores this power.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Kroger, CVS or any other store that uses a card, just don't expect me to sign up and carry 40 or more cards in my wallet....Did you sign up for a Kroger card? If you did, how many cards are you going to carry before this whole thing turns ridiculous? How many cards are you willing to carry? You already have to have all of your information about your car (insurance, license, registration) in your wallet, and now we are asked to carry a "Member" card pertaining to every store we are going to visit in our wallet, or you won't get the "Member" discounts. Should you set up a filing system for all of your cards?

What happen to a store that just had low prices? Stores used to have low prices and they were happy you were there! and none of them kept up with all of our buying and cleaning habits, let alone how much gas we bought and what day we buy our gas.............the you need a backpack just to keep up with all of the cards you have to carry so that "Big Brother" can keep up with you! Well it's OK, cause "Big Brother" will know that you need a backpack and he will have them on sale!!!! and he'll know what price to put them on and what day you will be there to buy yours! Maybe they will make a rolling card carrier like all of these carry on bags that are available....

Well, I'm not "Big Brother" and I don't know your spending habits so I can't make that call.


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