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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Carnival and Festivals

A Festival type of atmosphere is what I had when I performed for Opryland USA Theme Park for 11 years and usually some type of microphone is needed for the show. We can work that out when you call problems.

Usually for a "Festival or Carnival" type audience with all ages involved the show will go somewhere around 45 minutes with as much laughter as I can put into it ! That is the goal: MAGIC AND LAUGHTER !! But get ready because I will be calling several of the kids up to help in the show, as that is usually a very fun part!! Volunteers really can make the show!

For seating it is best if the audience is in front of the stage area.....if any seats are to the side those audience members may not be able to see everything that is happening.

My show is perfect for churches, festivals, family gatherings, company picnics any occasion where you have an audience that is ready to laugh and be amazed !!!!
Looking forward to the show !!!!!


Wedding Receptions

For Wedding Receptions I have found a niche that is somewhat untapped in the magic field....
Basically, I will entertain the kids in a separate room while the adults are in the main room having the toast and the cutting of the cake etc.....
For the kids I'll have a 60 minute Magic Show for them and then following the show we will have a petting zoo type atmosphere where the kids can pet the rabbit and the birds and get their picture made with them. After the show and the petting zoo I usually pull out the balloon bag and start making balloons for all of them. I'll start the balloons and while doing them I have music playing which has games on it, things like:
Chicken Dance
The Limbo
Hokey Pokey
The Macarana
Basically, music for the kids that they can dance to and have fun with!!! Sometimes the best Chicken Dancer gets a larger balloon made for them, and sometimes I may even dance with them (but really I have more fun being the MC or host of the party!) Under normal circumstances I can hold the kids attention for about two and a half hours or three hours, which gives the adults plenty of time to take care of the important part of the reception!!!
For this occasion I usually charge $250, and that takes care of everything no matter how long I am there. If you are having a wedding and need entertainment for the reception call me!!
(615) 226-9041

Magic Show Goals

Nashville Magician Rodney Kelley


If you are reading this you may be thinking about hiring a Magician or some other type of Entertainment for your child's birthday party or your church event, festival, or other event with kids and fun. Yes, I have to make money to keep the lights on, and Yes I have to survive, but my first and primary goal is to gain a customer.

I have customers that call year after year for the same event and because of these regular customers I can make a living. My first goal is to gain a customer, not make money, it's that simple. All of my friends that I currently have are people that I have met either at Opryland Theme Park or met at a Magic Show. So, not only do I gain customers but I also gain friends in the process of making your kids happy!

If there is anything that I can do within my power to make your show more successful - Count on me doing it! I'm not the Magician who comes in and vanishes immediately after the show. I try to mingle (time permitting) and allow the kids time to ask questions, pet the rabbit, and laugh with your guests.

I started making a living off of the Magic Show in 1985, that's 25 years or more of service to my customers in Nashville! Thank You for reading my blog and I hope to add you to my "Satisfied Customer" list soon. Let's make some Magical Memories!

If you have questions call me (615) 226-9041 - no hassles, no pressure - just answers and probably a laugh or two!!

Nashville Magician Rodney Kelley

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Important questions for the Magician...

If you are having a Magic Show, here are some important questions the Magician will need to know.

How many children will be attending the show?

Will the Magic Show be indoors or outdoors?

Will the adults be watching the Magic Show?

How much time will be allotted for the Magic Show? or how long would you like the show to go?

What ages are the children watching the Magic Show?

It may sound funny to ask these questions but the answers help to make your event the very best it can be!



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