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Sunday, August 20, 2017

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About Nashville Magician Rodney Kelley

Nashville Magician Rodney Kelley performing at Blue and Gold Banquet

Nashville Magician Rodney Kelley spent 11 years
performing at OPRYLAND USA Themepark 
and Hotel in Nashville!

Rodney has been entertaining our Men and 
Women in the Armed Forces and has traveled to 
40 Countries in the last 10 years and received 
5 "Excellence in Entertainment" Awards
from the Department of Defense! 

His Magic has been featured on
If you have an Audience that is ready to
call Rodney! 

Based in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Magician Rodney Kelley

Magic Show - Birthday Party Info - Nashville

Nashville Magician Rodney Kelley photo

Planning on Having a BIRTHDAY !!??

Are you ready to have a blast ??!!

For birthday Parties we usually have the magic show first.
This gives your  guests a chance to laugh and get acquainted with their surroundings. The Magic Show usually lasts around 45 minutes or so and is filled with Lots of Comedy, 2 Doves and at the end a  Rabbit (don't tell the kids!! Let's make it a surprise!)  Each time an animal appears we give the Kids some time to come up and pet the animal and pose for a Photo,,,,We also try for Group Photos, which sometimes are very hard, but we try!
(Some photos actually turn out Frame-able!)
(the show is suitable for adults too, the parents will
get a kick out of watching the kids!)

So, after the Show the group goes to Celebrate by singing and cake or they start the Birthday Games,,,,,whichever happens, I will follow and make Balloon Sculptures while the kids are doing other activities.
By the time the other activities are done I will have made enough Balloon Sculptures to make everyone happy.

Sooo, with the Birthday Package you will receive:
A 45 to 60 Minute Magic Show (Complete with 2 doves and Rabbit)
and 60 Minutes of Balloon Sculpting.

All times are approximate, some Audiences will sit longer than others and some will only sit for 30 minutes….I try and Cater to the Children and what they want to do….Most Birthdays have under 25 Children, if there are more we can make arrangements….

This is the usual set-up for Most Parties and if you would require
something different for your Party

If you are in Davidson County (Tennessee) or in a County touching
Davidson there are no travel charges,,,,

Total Price : $175.00

This is something your child will remember for many years to come!
Plan on having Magic at your next Party!!!!!

For Special Requests or if you just have Questions
Call Me…..


Balloon Events - Nashville

If you have a large group and just want balloon animals for your entertainment, I can help !!
My balloons animals are simple yet effective! They take a short time to make (which means the lines go quicker) and are very much loved by all the children! A lot of churches hire me to make balloons for their fall festivals or summer carnivals. Normally I bring a cd player and the rabbit along with the balloons....the rabbit gives the kids something to do while they are waiting in line and the music also gives everyone something to listen to while waiting for their balloon. If I have a table I can place a photo book on it for the kids to look at and decide which balloon they would like to have made. The balloon making can go on for 2 to 3 hours depending upon the time of your event and your preferences. Pricing for this is really dependent upon how many balloons and how much time involved....Call for a price quote or any other questions you may have on your event.


It's 100 Degrees - Is Your Birthday Party Outside?

Nashville, TN

Yeah! Time for the Magic Show and all the kids are gathering in the back yard with water, water, water and fun.

The back yard really is a great place to have a party! The Magic Show will be perfect and the Bounce House will fit right over there and none of the kids will be in your house, it's perfect.

Just try to remember that in the direct sun it gets really, really hot. The last party that I attended my show was in direct sunlight, wasn't a shade tree in sight. The weather was so hot I didn't think the rabbit was going to make it. When planning, remember that the Magician has a rabbit and two doves that really need to be in a decent temperature, the Magician can handle the heat and even direct sunlight, but the animals cannot. I know this sounds so much like common sense but not everyone plans accordingly. Not only that, but some people do not have a plan B. What if it rains? What if the sun is too hot for the kids? A plan B is really perfect in this occasion.

For most of the parties I do the Balloon Animals and they really need a decent temperature also. Twisting a balloon animal in 100 degrees is almost twice as hard if the audience waiting for the balloon has to wait in the 100 degrees. The kids love to watch the balloon twisting but are taken away from the fun when too hot.

Answer: Plan for a shady area in your yard to be used for the balloon twisting and the Magician. Shade takes the temperature down almost 10 degrees, or at least it feels that way. If you have a room next to the back door where the kids can at least come inside and get a breath of cool air it almost always makes for a better Birthday Party. Give them a place they can rest just for a minute and they'll be happy to go back out and have some more fun! The other thing that you may want to consider is having the Magician and the balloon twisting inside the garage. Yes, the garage. You really can have a perfect party in the garage. It gets the kids out of the sunlight and gives them a dry place to sit and watch the Magic Show.

Really looking forward to attending your party! Tell me if it's outdoors and I can dress accordingly. Yeah! Let's have a blast .....



Can I have the Magic Show outside?

Yes, just plan for the show to be in the shade and all is good.


How much does the Birthday Party Magic Show cost?

Birthdays are $175 and all other events call for pricing.

What do I get with the Birthday party package?

You get a one hour show and one hour of balloon making. I do not charge by the hour on Birthdays, I charge by the event so if I stay longer at your Birthday, don't worry, no extra charge.


Can I have the Rabbit at my show?

The rabbit goes to all Birthdays and private events but if your event is "Open to the Public" the rabbit is not allowed. If you prefer not to have the doves and rabbit at the show you can opt out of the animals.


How many children can I invite?

Most typical parties have 15 to 25 kids and that is usually for the Birthdays, other events will vary. Just give me a round about head count so that I can plan accordingly (with balloon making and the show).


How much is the deposti?

None. I do not take a deposit nor do I collect any money until you are 100% satisfied!


Can I video tape the show?

Yes, please do! It will be a great memory for you and your children.

How long should I plan the party to be?

If you are doing a Birthday party you need a minimum of 2 hours. If you have games or crafts for the kids you may need more time than that.


Can my church or school afford a show?

Yes! I work with churches and schools and any organization that doesn't have a Millionaire budget... most larger groups are around $250 for the show only.


How far in advance do I have to book the event?

The sooner you call the better. But, if  I'm available and you need a show tomorrow, I'll be there!!


Can you come and just do Balloon Animals at my party?

Yes, no problem, it's $75 per hour for just Balloon Animals.


Do you charge for travel?

If you are in Davidson County (Tennessee) or in a County touching Davidson there are no travel charges,,,,

Family Show Entertainment - Nashville

For 11 years I was the Magician for Opryland USA Theme Park and I was proud to present a show that could be viewed by all and none to worry about the show being anything but rated G. !!!!! All shows (even a show planned for adults) are viewable by any age at any time.

When the adults are staying for the show I usually ask that you let the children sit on the floor and the adults sit in chairs around the outside. This allows for the Mom's to still be close to their child but still have the comfort of a chair with a back on it!!!

Usually for a "Family" type audience with all ages the show will go somewhere around 45 minutes with as much laughter as I can put into it ! That is the goal: MAGIC AND LAUGHTER !!

My show is perfect for churches, festivals, family gatherings, company picnics any occasion where you have an audience that is ready to laugh and be amazed !!!!

If the crowd is larger than 50 or 60 people let me know in advance and we can arrange a microphone to assure that everyone can hear properly........Looking forward to the show !!!!!


Some specifics to help you plan your party...

OK you are ready to plan the party and you need to have a least 2 hours to do everything ...if you have a lot of games and are feeding the kids, you may need 3 hours for the event....If the party is less than 2 hours you won't have time for everything, and this is your child's special day, give it enough time.

Where will you have the party? If you have a large enough game room, great room or living room then you are in business. If you would prefer to have the party somewhere else to spare your white carpet the agony you may try several different options:

your church
community center
a park or picnic area (with cover)
your backyard (weather permitting)
YMCA (some have special packages available)
some local stores have a party room available

If you want, the balloons that I make can be given as party favors....or if you are giving a bag of favors, if you include a deck of cards I'll teach all of the kids a couple of magic tricks with the cards after the show.

If you run out of games or things for the kids to do,,,I will have the Chicken Dance, the Limbo, Macarena, musical chairs, special day parade etc...I always carry a cd with about 8 party dances on it and I use it often!! The kids love it and the mothers have a moment to get things in order.

Other options for you to consider are what else to have and a pinata is very popular or you may want a jumping house for the kids. Kids love snacks, and several companies here in Nashville offer popcorn carts, cotton candy machines, hot dog carts, or you could have cookies that the kids get to decorate. These are merely suggestions to get your mind thinking. I have seen all of them done successfully which is why I list them here.  

I will be adding more notes to this page as they come to me...Hope these help!

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Important questions for the Magician...

If you are having a Magic Show, here are some important questions the Magician will need to know.

How many children will be attending the show?

Will the Magic Show be indoors or outdoors?

Will the adults be watching the Magic Show?

How much time will be allotted for the Magic Show? or how long would you like the show to go?

What ages are the children watching the Magic Show?

It may sound funny to ask these questions but the answers help to make your event the very best it can be!



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