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Sunday, August 20, 2017

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BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS ......Airplanes and Guessing Games !!! and more

Nashville, TN

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One of the things that this blog was supposed to do was explore the different ideas on what we could do to make a Birthday or other party FUN for the kids and all attending!! I have not been very good at keeping all of the details of the fun and unique parties that I have been too, but intend on starting .......every time I see a new idea I'll add it on to this post!

PINATA time: I know that you think that this is a very cliche idea and all too overdone, but, I go to 3, 4, or 5 parties a week and the kids LOVE the pinata! The kids rarely get to do this activity and in my opinion are thrilled every time they get to do it! Don't overlook this classic. It is not overused or over-rated.

PRESENTS: about the presents, if you can do this after the party, this is the one to skip. Kids really get restless and have their eyes go everywhere in the room except where they should be looking. Take this one off the list of things to do unless you just have nothing else.

GUESSING GAME: Just about a month ago I went to a party where the kids had to guess how many _________ (candies) were in the bowl and number that came closest won the entire bowl full of candy (minus the glass bowl!) and this was a huge success!! Everyone loves Candy, consider this one for your next party or event.

Paper Airplane graphic

PAPER AIRPLANES: at the same party where they had the guessing game full of candy they also had the idea to give each child a piece of colored paper and then show them how to make a paper airplane. Each child made their paper airplane (and I recommend they write their name on their airplane) and then the contest began! Standing at the end of the hallway, each child flew their airplane and the one flying the farthest would be the winner and win the prize......this was a huge success and I don't remember how many turns at flying each child was allowed, but the final outcome was FUN and LAUGHTER and someone winning a prize to a large round of applause! This is a great idea, just keep the kids away from the flying area and all should have a great time!

COOKIE DECORATING: here is another idea where everybody wins. Everyone gets to create their own design on the cookies and all cookies are put on the baking sheet for a picture which Mom took after all were done. After the photo was made and Mom had her picture then all could dig in and eat their creations! Everybody wins and everybody smiles.

WAND MAKING: if you want something that coordinates with the Magic theme then the wands are a perfect idea because they cost very little and provide a mass amount of fun when the kids all are waving their home-made wand at the show and the rabbit appears and poof ....they all have something to add to their goody bag that they created and can take home.

CARD TRICKS: another idea that goes with the Magic theme are the card tricks. The Dollar Tree sells packs that have 2 decks of cards for $1 and I don't know anyone who can beat that, and the cards are perfect for teaching a couple of card tricks to the kids. You can get a book or look up card tricks on the net or you can just have me teach the card tricks after the show! I have card tricks suitable for any ages starting at age 4 year olds and going up. Just allow a little time for this in the party agenda and I'm happy to do it because it is something I love doing! (at no extra charge) or you can look up some simple card tricks on the net and let them perform later in the party time permitting! this idea has been a great success as every child loves Magic!

Ok this is the spot where I have to stop, but will add more ideas to this section as they come along and if you have any ideas you can add them into the comment section....everyone loves a fun party!

More later!

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