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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Calling the Magician...

January 27, 2013 - Nashville, TN

Just received a call about a Birthday Party ... the question that was asked, "Can I have two birthday children at the same party?". In other words, can two children celebrate their birthdays together, and my answer is YES! If your child wants to celebrate his birthday with his best friend, let's do it. I have two magic wands and they each can participate and have just as much fun! as a matter of fact, celebrating my birthday with my best friend is something I prefer to do.

A Birthday is a very special time for a child. Yes, I can actually tell you about different things that my parents did for me, on my birthday when I was a child. Create memories that they will love! Do anything you can to make your child's dreams come true. They'll love you for it later!

So my caller had a second question and here it is, "I haven't decided my time and place yet, but I have decided the date, what should we do?".

If you have decided you want a Magic Show and you know your date, I'll hold that date for a couple of days till you decide your specifics. If something happens and you decide to go a different way with the party, I simply erase your name from that date, no hassles! no pressure!

Trust me, I have people who hesitate to call because they think the person on the other end of the line is going to pressure them into booking immediately.

Pressure is a terrible thing, except in the shower!

You will NEVER receive even the slightest amount of pressure when you call my number. I don't like people trying to pretend they know what I need, and I WILL NOT do that to you!  go ahead and call .... don't hesitate .... I'm very laid back and will simply answer your questions and nothing more. If you ask my advice, you'll get it and nothing more. I've been entertaining at children's parites since 1985, if you would like some advice, I'll give it to you probably with a couple of jokes - but no pressure :)

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Important questions for the Magician...

If you are having a Magic Show, here are some important questions the Magician will need to know.

How many children will be attending the show?

Will the Magic Show be indoors or outdoors?

Will the adults be watching the Magic Show?

How much time will be allotted for the Magic Show? or how long would you like the show to go?

What ages are the children watching the Magic Show?

It may sound funny to ask these questions but the answers help to make your event the very best it can be!



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