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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Birthday Party Ideas - Old is New

Nashville, TN - April 8, 2012

It's amazing that you can go to a party and think that with all the technology we have available, the kids still love some of the simplest of things! I'm talking about the tried and true standards, most of the kids today have never played some of these games ..... Hard to believe! For example, this weekend I had a party where the kids had never heard of the "Telephone Game". You know the game, one child starts the "Telephone Message" by whispering to the next child a sentence. The second child in turn whispers the message to the next child and so on. At the very end of the game the last child says aloud the "Telephone Message" that was relayed through the entire group and you compare it with the original message. It's really interesting and kinda funny to see how different the end message is..... Isn't this a standard with all kids? Apparently not, this group of kids had never heard of, let alone played this game and they quite enjoyed it!

They were playing this "Telephone" game because I arrived late - in my defense,  there were 2 to 3 inches of rain on the roads that I had to travel to get to the party. So I either had to go very slowly with the traffic and rain, or I would have to break out the raft and take to rowing. I chose the slow traffic idea and arrived late ....

when I arrived the kids were actually playing the Duck, Duck, Goose game.... isn't this a standard also? The kids really enjoyed playing this game also.... You remember this game don't you? All children sit in a circle with one child walking around the outside of the circle tapping each child on the head while saying Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose ... and when he taps one on the head and yells Goose he runs around the circle with the tapped child running in the opposite direction and both are trying to reach the vacant spot in the circle first. The game continues on till time to start another activity ...

This was truly a perfect weather weekend, and the show went really well also.... Call if you need something more than games for the kids and I'll be there!

Rodney :)

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