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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Midnight Runners - Sadie and Max

August 26, 2009

The days in the summer have been sooooooo hot here in Nashville! Have not had as many people having events outside and my customers are not the only ones complaining about the heat!

Taking the dogs on their walks during the sunny period of the day is not the best idea......I found that out.......they end up trying to walk in the grass only, and I can't blame them. With the sun bearing directly down on the pavement you could probably fry dinner on the driveway and bake your Alaska without a match! I'm not the earliest of risers and that would be an answer, to wake up early and take them before the sun has it's way with the neighborhood. But for the time being I have found an answer that the dogs love !!
MIDNIGHT.........have the dogs ready and go out somewhere around midnight! One can actually think and process all of your thoughts for the day AND have peace and quiet while your dogs have the same. NO, your dogs will have more than peace and quiet, they will love the fact that no cars impede your way and no other dogs are barking or jumping to protect their territory etc...

While the weather will permit, I think this has become a habit for me, Sadie and Max. Come eleven o'clock or so they wake up and get up knowing that the walk is not far away! All they have to do is hear me pull my keys off the desk and they are standing at attention, waiting for leashes. Need a little peaceful, rest time? I highly recommend it !! and Sadie and Max do too!

Sadie and Max the Wonder Beagles.....!!!!! Treat time for the Beagles! Enjoy

December 5, 2009

My Mom gave me a wonderful pre-Christmas present and I am really having fun playing with it!! This camera not only takes 10mg photos that are awesome and clear, but it also takes video! and the video loads directly up to You Tube without any editing or changing of any kind. Really easy to upload a video of a show or your pets or anything ,,,,and just look at the clarity of the video. I think if I have a 4 Gig card in the camera I can take about an hour of video that is high quality. Hopefully I can work my way over to getting video from the  show, would love to have a funny experience on video, and that would be easy to do during a show! but how do I work the video and the show at the same time? I'll just have to find some innocent bystander and see if they will help ....
My two dogs are so much fun and such a wonderful pair that my first video ever taken with the new camera is above and is taken of them at their best, when they are getting treats! Will have to get them on video in some other situations which may prove fun for video. With a ton of Christmas parties coming up will have to try and get some videos then. This camera came at the right time because now I am just starting to get into the Christmas spirit! Hope that you are getting the spirit too!

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