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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Balloon Animals - for Birthdays, Schools, Churches

Balloon Football Helmut at Birthday Party in Nashville, TN              Balloon Crown for Birthday party in Nashville, TN            Balloon Animal Cat pink


If you are having a Birthday party and need balloons for the party, I can help, you can hire the Magic Show and the Balloon Animals or just the Balloon Animals - read more about the Birthday Party Package or call for more ... (615) 226-9041

If you have a large group and just want balloon animals for your entertainment, I can help !!
My balloons animals are simple yet effective! They take a short time to make (which means the lines go quicker) and are very much loved by all the children! A lot of churches hire me to make balloons for their fall festivals or summer carnivals. Normally I bring a cd player and the rabbit along with the balloons....the rabbit gives the kids something to do while they are waiting in line and the music also gives everyone something to listen to while waiting for their balloon. If I have a table I can place a photo book on it for the kids to look at and decide which balloon they would like to have made. The balloon making can go on for 2 to 3 hours depending upon the time of your event and your preferences. Pricing for this is really dependent upon how many balloons and how much time involved....Call for a price quote or any other questions you may have on your event. Normally about $75 per hour.

To see more photos go here for the Balloon Animals



One Eyed Monster on the Loose!


Have spent the day inside because that's just what had to be done....sometimes you just have to take care of business and answer calls, clean, and you know the rest......and that was today's order of events. After the cleaning and the misc. was done I decided to have some fun and just sit down and listen to some music while making this wonderful "one eyed monster". His arms have to be equal on each side and if the balloon goes through and there is not enough room to make the other arm equal size, then you have to start the arm part all over. OK, I had to start the arm part of this monster over about 5 times and then I learned not to fill the balloon too full of air. The whole trick with this balloon is making it in enough time to satisfy a child who is waiting for it, so this will take some practice and then it will be ready to go to parties with me. For right now this "One Eyed Monster" is sitting on my desk, and because of the cleaning today, I can see the top of it!!! I especially love this little guy and really, really, love him because of the lime green color! The lime green color in this little guy almost has a "magic" all its' own, not really sure why, but maybe my parents were secretly aliens and my home planet where I was born is this color!! Look for this monster in a show near you !!



This is a photo from the last party on Saturday night and WOW was it a lot of Fun!!!! Karen and her friends had the best time (and so did I !!) celebrating her Birthday!!! She had a sleepover with food, magic, laughter and a bunch of really great friends!! The Magic part of the evening went somewhere around an hour (probably more) and then after the show we had balloon hats for everyone, and each person getting a balloon hat was crowned by the Queen of the Party (Karen) ........each person crowned was given a title and a kingdom to rule and all was well in Birthday Land !!!! After each was crowned, we had some magic lessons and learned a few card tricks!  Thank you again to Karen and her family and friends for making me feel so very welcome to the party !!!!!

Magic Photos

Balloon Helmut

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