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The Magicians Rabbit

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The Rabbit in the show seems to be such a sought after entity that I thought it was about time to write a little bit about what the people are saying. Ok, so when I say "they", I mean the kids watching the Magic Show, not the adults, you want to hear what the kids are saying!

The first thing I need to put into print is the funniest.... Two little girls were waiting in line at a school to come and take their turn petting the rabbit. Each class came up together as a unit and left as a unit, but not this class. The class came up and and had their turn petting while the two first grade girls were in their own world, totally talking and enjoying. Their class was leaving the gym, and they finally finished their conversation and decided to come and take a turn petting the rabbit. The first little girl looked at the second and said, "Why does this rabbit have red eyes?", "Have you ever seen anything like this?" ..... The second, wiser girl responded: "Haven't you ever seen this? ... c'mon, when a rabbit has red eyes that means it is a Vampire.... "You didn't know that?"

Needless to say, I had to leave the room, my gut laughter wouldn't
stop......My laughter continued to almost the point of choking.

Several years ago I witnessed a bunch of kids talking after the party. There were several different parts and tricks of the show that they, together, were trying to figure out. I was standing close by and luckily could hear all the proposed secrets to all the tricks.
When the group turned to how I changed a dove into a rabbit, the group was pretty much speechless. They all agreed that I really placed the dove in the box. They all agreed that the box was shown totally empty at the end and the only thing left, was a rabbit. There were no proposed theories on how this mystery had been done, and finally, a little 6 year old spoke up. This 6 year old told them how the trick was done, "I didn't want to spoil it for you, but here's what happened.....that rabbit is really a dove in a rabbit costume! ... that's why the Magician won't allow anyone to pick him up, you might see the zipper!"

Thank You for reading!

Candace the Magic Rabbit

Years ago at Opryland USA I had a signature move that ended the show ... somehow wish I could incorporate it into the show today. At the very end of the show at the "Laughin' Place" Theatre I would change the dove into the rabbit and after saying my good-bye's I would tell the audience, "For my last trick the rabbit will disappear". I quickly set the rabbit on the front stage right position and walked back to the stage door and stomped my foot. When hearing the stomp the rabbit would run to the door and jump inside running to the backstage.
Very cool ending, with a very cool rabbit - the rabbit vanishes just
not exactly the way everyone thought it would happen.

Thank you for reading and I'll be posting more funny
Magician stories soon!
Until then

Happy Magic!

BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS ......airplanes and guessing games and more!

One of the things that this blog was supposed to do was explore the different ideas on what we could do to make a Birthday or other party FUN for the kids and all attending!! I have not been very good at keeping all of the details of the fun and unique parties that I have been too, but intend on starting .......every time I see a new idea I'll add it on to this post!

PINATA time: I know that you think that this is a very cliche idea and all too overdone, but, I go to 3, 4, or 5 parties a week and the kids LOVE the pinata! The kids rarely get to do this activity and in my opinion are thrilled every time they get to do it! Don't overlook this classic. It is not overused or over-rated.

PRESENTS: about the presents, if you can do this after the party, this is the one to skip. Kids really get restless and have their eyes go everywhere in the room except where they should be looking. Take this one off the list of things to do unless you just have nothing else.

GUESSING GAME: Just about a month ago I went to a party where the kids had to guess how many _________ (candies) were in the bowl and number that came closest won the entire bowl full of candy (minus the glass bowl!) and this was a huge success!! Everyone loves Candy, consider this one for your next party or event.
PAPER AIRPLANES: at the same party where they had the guessing game full of candy they also had the idea to give each child a piece of colored paper and then show them how to make a paper airplane. Each child made their paper airplane (and I recommend they write their name on their airplane) and then the contest began! Standing at the end of the hallway, each child flew their airplane and the one flying the farthest would be the winner and win the prize......this was a huge success and I don't remember how many turns at flying each child was allowed, but the final outcome was FUN and LAUGHTER and someone winning a prize to a large round of applause! This is a great idea, just keep the kids away from the flying area and all should have a great time!

COOKIE DECORATING: here is another idea where everybody wins. Everyone gets to create their own design on the cookies and all cookies are put on the baking sheet for a picture which Mom took after all were done. After the photo was made and Mom had her picture then all could dig in and eat their creations! Everybody wins and everybody smiles.

WAND MAKING: if you want something that coordinates with the Magic theme then the wands are a perfect idea because they cost very little and provide a mass amount of fun when the kids all are waving their home-made wand at the show and the rabbit appears and poof ....they all have something to add to their goody bag that they created and can take home.

CARD TRICKS: another idea that goes with the Magic theme are the card tricks. The Dollar Tree sells packs that have 2 decks of cards for and I don't know anyone who can beat that, and the cards are perfect for teaching a couple of card tricks to the kids. You can get a book or look up card tricks on the net or you can just have me teach the card tricks after the show! I have card tricks suitable for any ages starting at age 4 year olds and going up. Just allow a little time for this in the party agenda and I'm happy to do it because it is something I love doing! (at no extra charge) or you can look up some simple card tricks on the net and let them perform later in the party time permitting! this idea has been a great success as every child loves Magic!

Ok this is the spot where I have to stop, but will add more ideas to this section as they come along and if you have any ideas you can add them into the comment section....everyone loves a fun party!

More later!

Magic Show Funnies

Kids say the darn'dest things!

Traveling along, singing a song,,,,,
The next Magic Show took me to a wonderful home with a very short story, which leads to a laugh! and isn't the laughter a huge plus?! The kids had sat for about 30 minutes and the adults were watching about 12 boys enjoy a show filled with Magic........Everything was going as scheduled and the moment came when I was holding up a dollar bill getting ready to stick the pen through the bill. Total silence filled the room as I showed the bill on each side and right in the middle of the silence the 3 year old who was turning 4 said to the child sitting next to him...."Have I told you about my Pee-Pee?"
My laughter went on so very long I can't remember what Mom said to the 3 year old, but it needed to be documented as one of the funniest lines I have heard a child say at a party!

One of my favorite tricks in the show has to be the rings that change color!
The kids love it, I love it, everyone applauds and compliments this simple, yet colorful effect.
As you can see by the photo, this is the position that I start in as the music begins......This particular day was one of the first times I had presented this particular trick and when reaching for the rings I hit the button to start the music a little late so I said "And now the trick with the rings"......I waited and still no music,,,,, I waited and directly in the middle of the silence, with me standing in this very position a little girl sitting in the front row leaned to her father and said "Oh Great! Now we have to sit through a trick with Toilet Seats!"

Trudging my way through the house wearing my cape (the one that goes all the way to the floor made out of crushed velvet, so heavy) 2 five year old boys sit and watch as they anxiously wait for the party to start...the Birthday Child sits with his best friend as they watch me set numerous magical looking things in different places. This party was themed "Harry Potter" and they too were dressed for it as they watched. After setting in place several items I started back to the car for one more magic box and I hear, "See I told you he is really magic! LOOK AT THAT CAPE!"

thanks for checking in! I'll have more soon!! 

Halloween Night - Frozen Finger Syndrome!!

 Nashville, TN

My first show on Halloween was a birthday party and really a lot of fun!! The family was soooooooooooo very nice that I wish I could have stayed longer and made more balloons and just had a great time with them!!! but I had another event and they had the regular Halloween activities to attend so everyone was off to their respective paths.

My path led me to an outside event where I would be making balloons and doing a Magic show for a Halloween event where the public was invited......I was very much looking forward to it as the prospect of seeing everyone in their costumes and chatting about each costume etc.....the night started out really great! The kids didn't seem to mind waiting a short time to get their balloons and the crowd was not so large that I couldn't take care of each customer and make some of the larger balloon items that some of the kids wanted.....of course some of them wanted the simple things, like the sword and the dog but that is ok too, as long as everyone is happy!!
As the night went on I had to stop and do a show, the night had gotten so cold that some of the kids and parents were wanting to leave because of the temperature. For the very first time I started to make balloons after the show and the temperature had went down so quickly that my fingers were frozen. I only had a small number of kids waiting for the balloons after the show but, with frozen fingers I couldn't tie a balloon !!!!!
I had to go into a diner that was sitting right next to our location to warm my fingers enough to make the final balloons needed to make the night end happy. Want to send out a special Thank you to a very nice man who brought me a warm cup of coffee to try and help the situation. He could not have been any nicer ,,,,,
This will be the first time that this has happened to me....frozen fingers that can't even tie a balloon closed, let alone tie it into a shape.....
When I finally got into the car at night's end the temperature gauge was showing 42 degrees which really explained why my fingers were in the shape they were in !!! Had a great night other than that and will keep you posted on the next event!


Magic Shows, Rain and Miracle Whip!

"We are Miracle Whip and we will not Tone it Down!"
Am such a Miracle Whip fan that I had to show this!! It's almost the only thing I put on salad anymore, and burgers are not the same without a shovel full of Miracle Whip and could probably go on with a hundred other uses for this marvelous dessert, but if there is any left I always have an extra large spoon handy!!!!!!

It's been raining here in Nashville for now about (feels like a month) 3 or 4 days (correct me if I'm wrong) but the ground is sloshed and the roads still have standing water on them and my beagles are enjoying the inside time by relaxing. The shows today that I had were outside and really was not sure how the kids were going to know, kids have a lot of energy and with the rain sometimes the running time is cut and the playing time turns to null! but today they were all SMILES! not sure what was going on but despite the dreary, dismal surroundings and sky, everything today went great!! This may sound a bit cliche but everything turns out great when you have that positive attitude and today they all had a smile also! Maybe it was the fact that school in some areas got out at noon, and maybe they were just high on life, like we all should be!
but for whatever reason things went great.....
The positive attitude reflected on me and made me feel better all day, despite the day and my allergies causing other problems. Very quickly I forgot about the sniffling and sneezing and got on with the happiness at hand and something at my second event today really perked me up into feeling really great. During a balloon event, I was standing making a multitude of balloons (and boy was I making a lot of balloons at this event!) and chatting with the kids as they came up in line. Each child was wearing their Halloween costume so that gave me something to chit chat about and right in the middle of the evening, a man asked me, "How long you been doing this?" and I made a joke and answered, "I think I started about 5:30". After the laughter had died down, he explained that he wanted to know how many years that I had been doing the balloon making.
To that question I answered, "I started learning to make balloons in 1986 or so". His answer to me "You really like what you are doing don't you !!". when I answered "YES"
his response really hit me hard in the face when he said,
"I can tell you really enjoy doing this balloon work, not a lot of people I know actually enjoy their job".
I quickly said, "I'm not a rich man, but I do enjoy my job"
His answer, "Money has nothing to do with it, when you wake up and can do what you were meant to do, life really is good, don't think about the money,

From that moment on I realized that he really was hitting the arrow right into the target! and the SMILES that were on the faces of the kids today suddenly had hit me, and I felt like a million bucks! Even on that dreary day.....just a word of truth that I had not swallowed in quite some time made my day !!!!!
Oh I know that as a general rule everyone theoretically was supposed to enjoy their job, but I REALLY DO ENJOY MY JOB and was thrilled to be reminded! I don't know what the moral of the story is, but I can tell you one thing, we have rain, rain and more rain scheduled for the next 3 or 4 days and I can promise you that it's not going to get me down!!!!!
I'm just going to enjoy life!!! 

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