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Street Magic: More Popular Than Stage?

Street Magic seems to be the thing these days! If you look on videos or television everyone wants to witness the Magic close up, the audience loves to be right in the Magicians face. It's truly a great medium of which to perform. "Close Up" magic or "Street Magic" are the same thing and the closeness is the reason people go nuts for it .... but how does that transfer to the stage? How do you do that coin trick for an audience of 5000? I like the Close Up Magic but don't it as much as the Stage Magic because you are so limited in the scope of where you can do it.

If you practice for 3 months to learn a certain Close Up trick, which only 10 people can see at a time, you can't use it on a stage. Are you defeating the purpose? The idea of learning something cool is to show it to others! and in the Close Up venue only 10 to 15 people at a time can see the trick. Now, if you're Copperfield, you can have your camera zoom in close and show the Close Up trick on the big screen, but how many times is a normal Magician set up for that?

Looking at the Magic Shops and the latest Magic to come available for sale, the majority of it is for Close Up purposes. The emails that I receive selling Magic are usually about new card tricks, new mental tricks, new coin tricks etc.... and all of them are limited to the scope of Close Up magic - unless you have the big screen behind you.

I love Close Up Magic, don't get me wrong, but are you investing time and money into something that could be better used on stage? Why invest time in a trick that you can only show 10 people at a time, when you could just as well invest time in a stage trick and let hundreds if not thousands witness the coolness? OK, I prefer the stage - larger crowd, more applause, more fun. Photo from Wikimedia

Card Artistry by Magician Justin Flom - A Must Have....

Card Artistry by Justin Flom

The Card Trick that will pack a punch!

If you want a card trick that will pack a punch with very little practice, this is it! I just received my copy - A friend heard that I wanted this trick and had it sent to me .... it was not necessary but really will be thoroughly enjoyed. Finding a card trick that is different is always a hard thing to do...."pick a card" , "find the card", " torn and restored" , "4 aces", " your card is always on top" this sort of thing .... this is different. Yes, they pick a card and you find it but look at the imagination that is put into the artistic way you find the card...

If you haven't seen the video performance, it's at the bottom of this article and more than worth a look. Even if you don't do card tricks, you'll still like this very original presentation. Your audience will be watching for you to make their card appear on top, or in your pocket etc ....not happening! So different ....

Very few sleights involved, false shuffle, holding a simple break, forcing a card nothing harder than that involved. Don't get me wrong, any trick worth doing is worth practicing and putting your own touch and style to it, but that is what this is, so easy you can concentrate on your story and presentation. It will be the best $40 dollars you've spent in a long time.

Now, you must have a close up mat to perform this trick and must have reset time alone in between performances, so it may not be perfect for strolling type situations.

The video itself was filmed in some type of warehouse with all different kinds of old games and antique video games, signs, paraphernalia ....excellent quality and not a lot of fluff, just right into the trick and explanation. The music playing behind the video is not too loud and perfect for the performance.

I have the Mona Lisa version and think that is the most artistic, with more patter ideas available .... watch the video and see for yourself, I'll be watching for more Magic from Justin Flom!

Enjoy! (after a couple hundred performances, I'll update this review with more)


Magician Doug Henning - Awesome! 
Truly, the reason that I am in Magic today is because of a magician who appeared on television doing a live show, and I was enthralled !!!! His live television appearance changed the world of magic forever! Make no mistake, his show opened the door for Copperfield, Blaine and Angel to start appearing on television, he truly was and always will be the best in my eyes.!!!
His name was DOUG HENNING and no other will ever match him!
Some say Houdini was the greatest and I claim it's DOUG HENNING...... If you have never seen him perform, open the You Tube page and type in his name, you won't be sorry!!

My Favorite Magic Shops

If your kids or yourself are interested in Magic and you end up wanting to buy Magic, I have a few of my favorite shops listed below. I deal with Magic Shops that make you happy !!! and I order online sometimes and they will answer any questions you may have before you order the trick. Magic is fun ...and you need to order the right Magic to make it even more fun !!!!! I'm here also if you have questions, so good luck and start practicing!

Penguin Magic - This site is the coolest with videos about each trick plus a lot of trick reviews from people who have bought the trick - This is my favorite site!

Hocus Pocus
Hard to find and classic Magic Tricks can be found at Hocus Pocus Magic - great shop and great service but not always the best price.  

The Magic Warehouse
Some really great prices at the Magic Warehouse and really great service.

Some Of My Favorite Magic Websites

Some of my favorite Magic Websites!
This is a list that I will continue adding to as time goes on, these are pages that I frequent for one reason or another ......or the page may be listed here simply because I LOVE THE WEBSITE OR THE MAGICIAN!!!

Jeff McBride
Truly the coolest magician and his website is soooooo very awesome!