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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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About Nashville Magician Rodney Kelley

Nashville Magician Rodney Kelley performing at Blue and Gold Banquet

Nashville Magician Rodney Kelley spent 11 years performing at OPRYLAND USA Themepark and Hotel in Nashville!

Rodney has been entertaining our Men and Women in the Armed Forces and has traveled to 40 Countries in the last 10 years and received 5 "Excellence in Entertainment" Awards
from the Department of Defense! 

His Magic has been featured on AMERICA'S FUNNIEST VIDEOS TWICE!! If you have an Audience that is ready to LAUGH and be AMAZED, call Rodney!  615-226-9041

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Based in Nashville, Tennessee

It's 100 Degrees - Is Your Birthday Party Outside?

Nashville, TN

Yeah! Time for the Magic Show and all the kids are gathering in the back yard with water, water, water and fun.

The back yard really is a great place to have a party! The Magic Show will be perfect and the Bounce House will fit right over there and none of the kids will be in your house, it's perfect.

Just try to remember that in the direct sun it gets really, really hot. The last party that I attended my show was in direct sunlight, wasn't a shade tree in sight. The weather was so hot I didn't think the rabbit was going to make it. When planning, remember that the Magician has a rabbit and two doves that really need to be in a decent temperature, the Magician can handle the heat and even direct sunlight, but the animals cannot. I know this sounds so much like common sense but not everyone plans accordingly. Not only that, but some people do not have a plan B. What if it rains? What if the sun is too hot for the kids? A plan B is really perfect in this occasion.

For most of the parties I do the Balloon Animals and they really need a decent temperature also. Twisting a balloon animal in 100 degrees is almost twice as hard if the audience waiting for the balloon has to wait in the 100 degrees. The kids love to watch the balloon twisting but are taken away from the fun when too hot.

Answer: Plan for a shady area in your yard to be used for the balloon twisting and the Magician. Shade takes the temperature down almost 10 degrees, or at least it feels that way. If you have a room next to the back door where the kids can at least come inside and get a breath of cool air it almost always makes for a better Birthday Party. Give them a place they can rest just for a minute and they'll be happy to go back out and have some more fun! The other thing that you may want to consider is having the Magician and the balloon twisting inside the garage. Yes, the garage. You really can have a perfect party in the garage. It gets the kids out of the sunlight and gives them a dry place to sit and watch the Magic Show.

Really looking forward to attending your party! Tell me if it's outdoors and I can dress accordingly. Yeah! Let's have a blast .....


Magic Show Funnies - Nashville

Nashville, TN

Magic Show Rabbit Photo

The Magic Show went so very well with a group of about 20 four and five year olds.... It was pretty much a standard show everything had went smooth. This particular Saturday I had three shows scheduled and quite a bit of driving in between shows. It was noon and I'm packing the equiptment into the car to travel to the next show and the lady of the house comes out to say goodbye.

At the moment that she walked out the door I had lifted the rabbit box and was prepared to put it in the car, but my customer started talking. I was already burning up from the 100 degree weather and carrying the equiptment from the house to the car and loading. My customer started talking about how they weren't sure that the kids would sit still for that length of time and pay attention etc but the kids did sit still, and she was very pleased that they enjoyed and paid attention for so long...and I was holding the rabbit box (with the rabbit in it) and I'm sweating so bad......I'm burning by this time and too polite to turn away and put the rabbit box down.

My customer ends and I sit the rabbit box in the car and hug her. The car is loaded so I start to get into the car, the moment I move I realize - while I was listening to my customer, the rabbit had peed all down the side of my pants! and I don't mean a polite pee, my rabbit let it loose and I smelled of such! Yes, I've still got a couple of hours of driving and two more Magic Shows to go and you can imagine how I smelled ..... Yes, I'm laughing now but wasn't that day.

Birthday Party Ideas - Old is New

Nashville, TN - April 8, 2012

It's amazing that you can go to a party and think that with all the technology we have available, the kids still love some of the simplest of things! I'm talking about the tried and true standards, most of the kids today have never played some of these games ..... Hard to believe! For example, this weekend I had a party where the kids had never heard of the "Telephone Game". You know the game, one child starts the "Telephone Message" by whispering to the next child a sentence. The second child in turn whispers the message to the next child and so on. At the very end of the game the last child says aloud the "Telephone Message" that was relayed through the entire group and you compare it with the original message. It's really interesting and kinda funny to see how different the end message is..... Isn't this a standard with all kids? Apparently not, this group of kids had never heard of, let alone played this game and they quite enjoyed it!

They were playing this "Telephone" game because I arrived late - in my defense,  there were 2 to 3 inches of rain on the roads that I had to travel to get to the party. So I either had to go very slowly with the traffic and rain, or I would have to break out the raft and take to rowing. I chose the slow traffic idea and arrived late ....

when I arrived the kids were actually playing the Duck, Duck, Goose game.... isn't this a standard also? The kids really enjoyed playing this game also.... You remember this game don't you? All children sit in a circle with one child walking around the outside of the circle tapping each child on the head while saying Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose ... and when he taps one on the head and yells Goose he runs around the circle with the tapped child running in the opposite direction and both are trying to reach the vacant spot in the circle first. The game continues on till time to start another activity ...

This was truly a perfect weather weekend, and the show went really well also.... Call if you need something more than games for the kids and I'll be there!

Rodney :)

Calling the Magician...

January 27, 2013 - Nashville, TN

Just received a call about a Birthday Party ... the question that was asked, "Can I have two birthday children at the same party?". In other words, can two children celebrate their birthdays together, and my answer is YES! If your child wants to celebrate his birthday with his best friend, let's do it. I have two magic wands and they each can participate and have just as much fun! as a matter of fact, celebrating my birthday with my best friend is something I prefer to do.

A Birthday is a very special time for a child. Yes, I can actually tell you about different things that my parents did for me, on my birthday when I was a child. Create memories that they will love! Do anything you can to make your child's dreams come true. They'll love you for it later!

So my caller had a second question and here it is, "I haven't decided my time and place yet, but I have decided the date, what should we do?".

If you have decided you want a Magic Show and you know your date, I'll hold that date for a couple of days till you decide your specifics. If something happens and you decide to go a different way with the party, I simply erase your name from that date, no hassles! no pressure!

Trust me, I have people who hesitate to call because they think the person on the other end of the line is going to pressure them into booking immediately.

Pressure is a terrible thing, except in the shower!

You will NEVER receive even the slightest amount of pressure when you call my number. I don't like people trying to pretend they know what I need, and I WILL NOT do that to you!  go ahead and call .... don't hesitate .... I'm very laid back and will simply answer your questions and nothing more. If you ask my advice, you'll get it and nothing more. I've been entertaining at children's parites since 1985, if you would like some advice, I'll give it to you probably with a couple of jokes - but no pressure :)

Nashville Magician Rodney Kelley

(615) 226-9041


BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS ......Airplanes and Guessing Games !!! and more

Nashville, TN

magician with wand graphic

One of the things that this blog was supposed to do was explore the different ideas on what we could do to make a Birthday or other party FUN for the kids and all attending!! I have not been very good at keeping all of the details of the fun and unique parties that I have been too, but intend on starting .......every time I see a new idea I'll add it on to this post!

PINATA time: I know that you think that this is a very cliche idea and all too overdone, but, I go to 3, 4, or 5 parties a week and the kids LOVE the pinata! The kids rarely get to do this activity and in my opinion are thrilled every time they get to do it! Don't overlook this classic. It is not overused or over-rated.

PRESENTS: about the presents, if you can do this after the party, this is the one to skip. Kids really get restless and have their eyes go everywhere in the room except where they should be looking. Take this one off the list of things to do unless you just have nothing else.

GUESSING GAME: Just about a month ago I went to a party where the kids had to guess how many _________ (candies) were in the bowl and number that came closest won the entire bowl full of candy (minus the glass bowl!) and this was a huge success!! Everyone loves Candy, consider this one for your next party or event.


Magic Show Funnies

Nashville, TN

Kids say the darn'dest things!

Traveling along, singing a song,,,,,
The next Magic Show took me to a wonderful home with a very short story, which leads to a laugh! and isn't the laughter a huge plus?! The kids had sat for about 30 minutes and the adults were watching about 12 boys enjoy a show filled with Magic........Everything was going as scheduled and the moment came when I was holding up a dollar bill getting ready to stick the pen through the bill. Total silence filled the room as I showed the bill on each side and right in the middle of the silence the 3 year old who was turning 4 said to the child sitting next to him...."Have I told you about my Pee-Pee?"


My laughter went on so very long I can't remember what Mom said to the 3 year old, but it needed to be documented as one of the funniest lines I have heard a child say at a party!

One of my favorite tricks in the show has to be the rings that change color!
The kids love it, I love it, everyone applauds and compliments this simple, yet colorful effect.
As you can see by the photo, this is the position that I start in as the music begins......This particular day was one of the first times I had presented this particular trick and when reaching for the rings I hit the button to start the music a little late so I said "And now the trick with the rings"......I waited and still no music,,,,, I waited and directly in the middle of the silence, with me standing in this very position a little girl sitting in the front row leaned to her father and said "Oh Great! Now we have to sit through a trick with Toilet Seats!"

Trudging my way through the house wearing my cape (the one that goes all the way to the floor made out of crushed velvet, so heavy) 2 five year old boys sit and watch as they anxiously wait for the party to start...the Birthday Child sits with his best friend as they watch me set numerous magical looking things in different places. This party was themed "Harry Potter" and they too were dressed for it as they watched. After setting in place several items I started back to the car for one more magic box and I hear, "See I told you he is really magic! LOOK AT THAT CAPE!"

thanks for checking in! I'll have more soon!!

Street Magic: More Popular Than Stage?

Street Magic seems to be the thing these days! If you look on videos or television everyone wants to witness the Magic close up, the audience loves to be right in the Magicians face. It's truly a great medium of which to perform.  "Close Up" magic or "Street Magic" are the same thing and the closeness is the reason people go nuts for it .... but how does that transfer to the stage? How do you do that coin trick for an audience of 5000? I like the Close Up Magic but don't it as much as the Stage Magic because you are so limited in the scope of where you can do it.

If you practice for 3 months to learn a certain Close Up trick, which only 10 people can see at a time, you can't use it on a stage. Are you defeating the purpose? The idea of learning something cool is to show it to others! and in the Close Up venue only 10 to 15 people at a time can see the trick. Now, if you're Copperfield, you can have your camera zoom in close and show the Close Up trick on the big screen, but how many times is a normal Magician set up for that?

Looking at the Magic Shops and the latest Magic to come available for sale, the majority of it is for Close Up purposes. The emails that I receive selling Magic are usually about new card tricks, new mental tricks, new coin tricks etc.... and all of them are limited to the scope of Close Up magic - unless you have the big screen behind you.

I love Close Up Magic, don't get me wrong, but are you investing time and money into something that could be better used on stage? Why invest time in a trick that you can only show 10 people at a time, when you could just as well invest time in a stage trick and let hundreds if not thousands witness the coolness? OK, I prefer the stage - larger crowd, more applause, more fun.

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